From the swirling mists of myth and history...

a gothic tale of sorcery, swords and monsters

Aimed at older children and adults, the Iron Heart is a complete novella, with accompanying illustrations by the author. Along with part two it forms a novel length epic drama. ‘Old Gods’ is the series title.

 The Iron Heart is set in an early medieval world of myth and legendary history – a brutal time of knightly chivalry, where supernatural beauty weaves its magic and monstrous demons must be faced.

 It’s a fast paced, plot driven story, inspired by ancient British and Irish myth and Arthurian legend, the tale is told in a clear and direct style. Influences include Grimms’ fairy tales, old ballads of the Scottish and English borders, the expressionist films of F.W.Murnau, the Surrealist Films of Jean Cocteau, and the classic film adventures of Ray Harryhausen.

 The story is easy to read and moves forwards at a great pace, as if watching an exciting film – the plot given momentum by the author’s background in Film and Art.